Florida Keys Landscapers


The tree services division at Plantation Tree and Landscape is led by knowledgeable, trained arborists specializing in hazard assessment, structure pruning for future growth and fine pruning for overall aesthetic and tree care. Our tree services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • evaluation and consultation
  • tree preservation
  • pruning
  • removals
  • relocates
  • appraisals
  • mangrove trimming
  • site clearing
  • stump removal
  • root control

High-quality tree care is a necessity in the Florida Keys. On the islands, our trees are exposed to storms, high winds and lightning, so expert tree care is an important safety precaution. We can evaluate your landscape for potentially hazardous trees, and we offer consultations and service that will help improve the health and appearance of trees. Our tree trimming division has been the cornerstone of Plantation Tree and Landscape for almost 3 decades.

Trees provide us with so many benefits to the environment and our residential landscape, so it is vital that we protect our trees and our investments. These valuable natural resources contribute to the appearance of homes and real estate values, and they offer energy-conserving shade. For this reason, we recommend taking the necessary steps to preserve and maintain your trees with Plantation Tree and Landscape’s tree care services.